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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Your 30s

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Your 30s

Did you know that the number of under-40-year-olds diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer has been steadily increasing for the last four decades… and that this rise is largely due to preventable factors? In fact, according to statistics provided by the University of Columbia, 95% of all cancers are due to bad diet and the accumulation of toxins.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #1: Get Into Healthy Habits. Maybe you picked up some bad habits in your teens and 20s, like smoking or eating junk food. NOW is the perfect time to make the changes that will turn into healthy lifetime habits later on. These include cutting back on sugar, eating more green veggies, organic proteins, and healthy fats, and lowering your consumption of alcohol. They also include drinking the right amount of fresh, pure water, and getting into a self-nurturing routine that includes stress-reduction techniques such as meditation and healthy forms of exercise.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #2: Reduce the toxins around you. Toxins exist all around us, even if we can’t see them. Get in the habit of going organic when it comes to your food sources and natural beauty products. Learn about how to create a “toxin-free” home; this includes reducing your exposure to Wi-Fi and cell phone electro-pollution. You have a lot you want to accomplish! Get in the habit of detoxing your body regularly through short-term fasts, enemas, or professionally-guided detox regimens. You will be helping your liver, kidney, and digestive system to function at its best so that you can be your most energized self.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tip #3: Think twice about oral contraceptives. As convenient as they may be, those little pills are actually considered a Category 1 “Known and Probable Carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, alongside tobacco, diesel exhaust, and plutonium. In addition, a 2014 study done by the American Association for Cancer Research found that breast cancer risk increased by 50% in those who used oral contraception.

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