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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Your 30s

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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips for Your 30s Did you know that the number of under-40-year-olds diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer has been steadily increasing for the last four decades… and that this rise is largely due to preventable factors? In fact, according to statistics provided by the University ...

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Online Learning Modes

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Online Learning Modes Not all online schools are the same, and neither are their students. Some students prefer more flexible learning environments, others want a program that helps them earn a degree and transition to a career as quickly as possible. These two primary delivery modes at online schools come ...

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Tips for Choosing a Mesothelioma Lawyer

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Since most mesothelioma cases are caused by occupational exposure to asbestos, they may have been prevented had anyone warned the workers about the hazards of this material or provided them with proper safety gear. People who are diagnosed with mesothelioma – which usually claims the lives of patients within two ...

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Many cancers can be prevented by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, not drinking too much alcohol Many cancers can be prevented by not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, not drinking too much alcohol, eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, vaccination against certain infectious diseases, not eating too ...

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Diagnosing mesothelioma is often difficult because the symptoms are similar to those of a number of other conditions. Diagnosis begins with a review of the patient’s medical history. A history of exposure to asbestos may increase clinical suspicion for mesothelioma. A physical examination is performed, followed by chest X-ray and ...

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The mesothelium consists of a single layer of flattened to cuboidal cells forming the epithelial lining of the serous cavities of the body including the peritoneal, pericardial and pleural cavities. Deposition of asbestos fibers in the parenchyma of the lung may result in the penetration of the visceral pleura from ...

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What causes mesothelioma and how to avoid it.

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Working with asbestos is the most common risk factor for mesothelioma.[17] In the United States, asbestos is considered the major cause of malignant mesothelioma[18] and has been considered “indisputably”[19] associated with the development of mesothelioma. Indeed, the relationship between asbestos and mesothelioma is so strong that many consider mesothelioma a ...

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