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Online Learning Modes

Online Learning Modes

Not all online schools are the same, and neither are their students. Some students prefer more flexible learning environments, others want a program that helps them earn a degree and transition to a career as quickly as possible.

These two primary delivery modes at online schools come with unique benefits for students.
Fully-online vs. hybrid
Hybrid (or blended) courses are those that combine online work with some level of in-person class or lab participation. The balance between online and on-site participation requirements can vary substantially from class to class depending on the nature of the course materials covered.
Synchronous vs. asynchronous
Synchronous courses require the instructors and students to be online at the same time for lectures, presentations and/or discussions. With asynchronous courses, instructors provide any or all of course materials for access by students at any time of their convenience. Time limits for completion of a particular session’s work may be required.
4 Accreditation
Every degree-granting institution in the United States must hold some sort of accreditation. The key is understanding which accreditation statuses matter the most and why. Let’s examine three of today’s most popular accreditation statuses.

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