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Men Kisa Yo Bare Yon Baz Ap Fè Dèyè Lekol La!

Educating more than 1 million students every year

Kaplan University’s Programs Fit the Way You Learn- No Matter Where You Reside
Many of our international students want to enroll in

a respected degree program from an accredited US university, but prefer to avoid the time, costs, and challenges associated with moving to the United States to pursue such a degree. Fortunately, US-based and accredited Kaplan University can help.

At Kaplan University, you can earn a US degree online from the comfort of your home. As an accredited university, we offer a range of career-focused degrees and programs that are designed to fit the way you live and learn- no matter where you reside. Our education transcends frontiers to create an online community of students worldwide. As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can pursue a degree or certificate from a US university.

About Kaplan University
Kaplan University traces its roots back to 1937 with the founding of the American Institute of Commerce. Since then, we have helped students pursue their goal of earning a degree. We offer more than 180 programs, from undergraduate to graduate degrees and certificates. As part of Kaplan, Inc., we are:

Educating more than 1 million students every year
Operating educational facilities in more than 30 countries*
Assisting students with 19,000+ employees across the globe

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